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Chiropractic is something that many people don't think about until it is their last resort or have not been educated with how it can affect the body. The chiropractic adjustment is used to align the body for optimal function. When the primary structure changes of the spine and/or joint this will then cause a secondary condition. The secondary condition can be a wide variety of different things, pain, spasm, tingling, and even dysfunction of the organs which you might not even be aware that has decreased function or hyperactivity. If this goes left unchecked then you can have life changing issues. We treat anyone from professional athletes to day old babies. Yes, babies get adjusted too but with a different technique that is ultra gentle and nothing like an adult would need. 




Myofascial Release / Ellipse 

Myofascial release is a great addition to the chiropractic adjustment. This is used to strip the muscles to break up the adhesions that form in the muscles. When you have a tight muscle on one side of your spine and there is a normal muscle on the other side what do you think is going to happen? You're right it's going to pull to one side and then cause more dysfunction. The releasing of the muscle will help get you back to normal faster. 

The Ellipse tool is a stainless steel tool that can also break up adhesions of the muscle to help you get back to normal. 


The Activator can adjust you in a more gentle manner. If you are scared of the "popping and cracking" then we can use these to get you aligned. If you are in too much pain for a typical adjustment then these are a great addition to help get you better. There has been research done with these instruments to see the benefits and the relation to the chiropractic adjustment. 


Activator Adjusting Tool 

Activator Adjusting Tool 

Kinesio Taping 

Kinesio taping has been around for a while now. You see it in sports mainly but the normal everyday person can wear it as well. The tape is a stretchy fabric that helps a person with movement and rehabilitation.